Aston Martin F1 Team achieves ISO 50001 certification

Aston Martin F1 Team achieves ISO 50001 certification



Making a positive difference for the future and changing the industry’s perceptions, the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team became the first F1 team to comply with the ISO 50001 standard.

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Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team has become the first F1 team to comply with ISO standard 50001 – a globally recognised certification that outlines the requirements for implementing an energy management system. It offers organisations a framework to enhance energy performance.

Aston Martin Aramco’s goal for ISO 50001 is to improve energy performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and associated costs. An energy management system controls energy consumption at the AMR Technology Campus at Silverstone and is designed to ensure a systematic approach to continuously improving energy performance.

Aston Martin Aramco completed three audits throughout 2023 to satisfy the standard, with the final audit in December 2023. The certificate was issued to the team in January 2024.

Ben Fitzgerald, Operations Director, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, said:

This is another example of Aston Martin Aramco making a positive difference for the future and changing perceptions of our industry. It aligns with the FIA’s Environmental Strategy 2020-2030. Committing to sustainability and implementing initiatives is an essential step towards the evolution of the motorsport industry and protecting the planet.

The long-term benefits of achieving ISO 50001 include improved energy efficiency, better financial performance, risk mitigation, and cost savings. Through our responsible business strategy, Make A Mark, we are committed to driving positive progress for the planet and our people. ISO 50001 also reinforces our commitment to our FIA Three Star Environmental Accreditation and the future topics of the FIA’s sustainability working group.

Parveer Ramana, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team Sustainability and Environment Lead, added:

A requirement of the standard is reducing our energy consumption and showing improved energy performance over time – something that is increasingly important in a world experiencing catastrophic climate change.

By optimising energy performance, conserving resources, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and integrating renewable energy technology into our business, our team will benefit just as much as the planet.

Key elements of the ISO 50001 accreditation include:

An industry-leading energy policy – An established energy policy that aligns with the organisation’s objectives and commitment to continually improving energy performance.

Advanced energy planning – Identifying significant energy uses, establishing energy performance indicators, and setting energy objectives and targets.

Robust operational implementation processes and controls – to achieve energy objectives and targets. This includes training, communication, and documentation.

Stringent energy management review processes – carried out regularly to ensure they remain effective and aligned with responsible business objectives.


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