What Does It Mean Amid Jamie Carragher's Comments

What Does It Mean Amid Jamie Carragher’s Comments


After Arsenal defeated Liverpool 3-1 to rekindle their title challenge, they were rightly getting a lot of plaudits. Jurgen Klopp’s men are arguably the toughest opposition in England right now following his departure announcement. However, in the aftermath of the victory, Martin Odegaard was pulled up on doing something by Jamie Carragher. “Celebration Police” trended on social media as Carragher was taken to the cleaners.

So, what is the “Celebration Police” and why is it making headlines again? We explain it all-

Celebration Police- What is it?

Like many phrases birthed by the world of social media, the meaning of Celebration Police is not that deep. Any person who would look down upon someone celebrating their happiness/moment is termed celebration police.

Just like a police’s job is cracking down on crime and criminals, the Celebration Police talks about someone celebrating like they’ve done something wrong and tries to stop them from doing so, sometimes lecturing.

After Arsenal won against Liverpool, Martin Odegaard grabbed the attention of viewers as he was seen celebrating with a club cameraman on the pitch itself. He took the camera from the club photographer and started documenting the victory in real-time.

Former Liverpool man, Jamie Carragher, clearly incensed by the fact, became the face of celebration police for now.

On Sky Sports, Carragher said: “You’ve won a game. You’ve been brilliant. Back in the title race. Get down the tunnel. I’m serious, honestly.”

Carragher’s comments rubbed off wrongly on some people and came across as sour grapes and Arsenal dragged themselves back into the title race with the win. To rile up the people even more, Carragher changed his profile picture on X to Odegaard using the camera.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard firmly rejected this policing by Carragher.

He said: “If you’re not allowed to celebrate when you win a game, when are you allowed to celebrate? We’re happy with the win and we’ll stay humble.”

Some X accounts even brought out the hypocrisy of Carragher, who never had a problem with Jurgen Klopp’s exuberant displays of happiness.

It is not the first time celebration police have reared their head, with the likes of Roy Keane, Richard Keys, and Gabriel Agbonlahor previously pulling up teams and players for “celebrating too excitedly”.

Anyways, it is highly doubtful that the Gunners and Arteta will be paying too much attention to what Jamie Carragher wants them to do after a huge victory.

Celebration Police will never stop policing though!


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