Golf Business News - Golf Ireland unveils sustainability partner

Golf Business News – Golf Ireland unveils sustainability partner


Flogas have become Golf Ireland’s new sustainability partner, building on their sponsorship of some of the main amateur events on the island of Ireland where they recently added the Flogas Irish Boys’ Amateur Open Championship, and extending their offering to providing energy saving solutions to Golf Ireland and the wider Irish golfing community.  

Flogas partnered with Golf Ireland for the first time in 2016, and their portfolio grew to sponsorship for the Flogas Irish Men’s Amateur Open Championship, the Flogas Irish Women’s Amateur Open Championship and the Flogas Irish Girls’ Amateur Open Championship.  

For their recent project at the Golf Ireland headquarters, Golf Ireland worked closely with Start Solar Ireland, a partner of Flogas, to instal a new Solar PV System. The new phase saw a 30kw Solar PV system added to the roof of the Golf Ireland headquarters.  

In total, Golf Ireland have installed 69 solar panels at their building in Carton Demesne which will reduce carbon emissions and displace grid electricity.   

“As part of our Strategic Plan we identified that promoting sustainability on and off the course is a main objective for us now and going forward,” said Golf Ireland CEO, Mark Kennelly.    “Flogas have been key in our journey to a cleaner, greener future and we are determined to inspire others to look at their sustainability options and secure the future of golf.”  

Golf Ireland also has plans in place to install EV charging points as well as a new boiler and Flogas Ireland Managing Director, John Rooney, is excited by the potential for change in 2024.  

“We are proud supporters of Golf in Ireland, sponsoring the men’s and women’s amateur opens as well as the boys’ and girls’ championships. We want to continue to support golf clubs at grassroots level too,” said Rooney.    “At Flogas our team provides a range of energy services that can help golf clubs reduce their monthly bills and develop their sustainability initiatives.”   

The new phase will reduce emissions by 21,404lbs of carbon per annum and displace approximately 25,185kwh of grid electricity. And Golf Ireland’s new Sustainability Manager, Ann Courtney, explained how Flogas helped them to understand their potential Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) savings.  

“Over the last few months, we have been working closely with our energy provider Flogas on how best to reduce our energy emissions at our HQ offices while also saving money,” said Courtney.    “Flogas have assessed our energy usage and we have implemented steps to reduce our energy emissions.  

“Flogas has also highlighted a type of funding available for buildings such as offices and golf clubs and they assisted us with calculating our savings on our lighting. It is, in simple terms, cash per kilowatt saved and we are receiving a significant refund from Flogas on the energy saved by replacing our lighting.”  


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