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Alpine Motorsports and Businessolver announced a multi-year partnership. Businessolver is a leading provider of employee benefits and human resources (HR) technology. Aligned by the shared values of people-centred innovation, the two organizations are entering new territory as the only such partnership in the benefits technology sector.

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Businessolver will be present across all of Alpine’s Motorsports programme, which includes BWT Alpine F1 Team, Alpine Endurance Team, Alpine Academy, Rac(H)er and other projects.

Jon Shanahan, Businessolver President and CEO, said:

Partnership has been a strategic pillar for Businessolver since the company was founded. Like Alpine, we recognize the exponential growth that comes from the right pairings. With our shared commitment to innovation, empathy, and diversity, Alpine and Businessolver will no doubt reach our collective goals even faster as partners.

From pioneering technology, like our proprietary, machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI), Sofia, to deploying groundbreaking research, like our annual State of Workplace Empathy report going on the 9th study, Businessolver is most comfortable when we’re maintaining the lead.

David Gendry, VP, Chief Commercial Officer BWT Alpine F1 Team & VP Communications Alpine Brand, added:

We’re impressed by Businessolver’s clear commitment to people. In the fast-paced world of motorsports, the true dedication of each and every employee is the drive for excellence, making every victory possible. This collaboration is more than a partnership —it’s a meeting of minds. Together, we’ll accelerate progress both on and off the track.

Key elements of the multi-year partnership include:

♦ Culture of Empathy: Businessolver and Alpine Motorsport recognize the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive culture. The passion for culture is palpable in both organizations that provide an environment that puts people at the centre of everything they do, where empathy, trust and collaboration thrive.♦ Collaborative Innovation: Businessolver and Alpine Motorsports meticulously fine-tune their craft, which is founded through an innovative spirit, leading to a pursuit of excellence in every endeavour.♦ Community Outreach: Businessolver and Alpine Motorsports believe in nurturing talent and investing in the next generation. Businessolver will support the Alpine Academy and Rac(Her) programs to engage young minds in educational programs, STEM initiatives and mentorship opportunities.♦ Race Day Excitement: The Businessolver logo is present on BWT Alpine F1 Team’s A524 cars as well as on Alpine Endurance Team’s A424 as well as on drivers’ racing suits and team kits, which were unveiled on February 7, 2024.


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