When is the FNCS 2024 Major 2 Starting?


We’re in the midst of Fortnite Chapter 5, with players discovering what the best routes to victory are in Season 2. We’ve already had the weekly events like Cash Cups return. What about the major event in competitive though, the FNCS 2024 Major 2? I’ll be the highlight of esports for this season and its process of qualification will start soon.

The FNCS 2024 Major 2 will be the headline event for the season. The chance for players to earn their spots at the end of year LAN. It’s also a tournament with the biggest prize pool for our current season and the defining event for C5 S2 Fortnite esports. With a really creative set of items available for players to use, things are set up for an interesting Major 2.

FNCS 2024 Season

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FNCS 2024 Major 2

The FNCS 2024 Major 2 will be kicking off later this season. We’ll see the top FN players competing across each region. It’s a tournament broken up into a few stages. The first round is an open qualifier. In this stage, pretty much everyone in the game who wants to enter can jump in. They’ll compete in a three-hour window. The top-ranking teams in each region go forward.

Next are the lower and upper semi-finals. These are multi-stage rounds. They’re again played in the same windows, with the top 50 Duos going forward to the Grand Finals. After a bye-week, we’ll get this conclusion to the event. The Grand Finals are a weekend event where the very best players compete in a single lobby for each region. This is the highlight of each FNCS Major. When can expect to see the Grand Finals though?

When is the FNCS 2024 Major 2?

Major 2 for the FNCS 2024 season is starting up pretty soon. Now that there’s by-weeks and more rounds, the Fortnite Champion Series stretches out to quite a bit of each season. These are the key dates and schedule this season.

Open Qualifier Round 1 – April 12-14
Open Qualifier Round 2 – April 19-21
Bye Week – April 22-May 2
Semi Finals – May 3-5
Grand Finals – May 11-12

While the FNCS 2024 Major 2 will be beginning in April, by the time we get to the conclusion we’ll be getting close to the season’s end date.

Best Chapter 5 Season 2 Fortnite Landing Spots - Grim Gate

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The FNCS this Major will decide another batch of teams to make the LAN at the end of year. Although, the teams who have already qualified will likely still be competing. If we see any of these again win the FNCS Major, they’ll undoubtably be in a strong position for the rest of the Chapter’s esports.

The Fortnite competitive build for Season 2 is in a bit of an intresting place. We’ve got some strange items which could be useful for busting players out of boxes in fights. However, there’s also the over powered sniper and new shotgun that’s dominating the meta right now. It’ll be intresting to see how all of this works in the FNCS 2024 Major 2.

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