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Hearthstone was released way back in 2014, but it remains one of the most popular esports titles out there today. The core esports of Hearthstone has had some changes in recent years. It’s remained popular with fans though. Plenty of the best Hearthstone players are still active and pushing the game’s meta forward all the time.

Plenty of people out there are semi-good at Hearthstone. Fewer can make it to the top of the ranking system. Only the very best can compete on an esports level.

It’s those very best we’ll be going over today, a comprehensive breakdown of the highest-performing, highest-earning Hearthstone players the world has ever seen. From the Grandmaster competitors to the record-breaking players, this is our list of the top ten best Hearthstone players in 2024.

 PlayerTotal Earnings

1Raphael ‘BunnyHoppor’ Peltzer$507,698

2Tom “PocketTrain” Swinton$152,981

3Wataru ‘posesi’ Ishibashi$380,415


5Sato ‘Glory’ Kenta$421,946

6Casper ‘Hunterace’ Notto$363,899

7Chen ‘tom60229’ Wei Lin$457,627

8Pavel ‘Pavel’ Beltiukov$347,937

9James ‘Firebat’ Kostesich$265,450

10Jack ‘DeadDraw’ Bancroft$155,504

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1. Raphael ‘BunnyHoppor’ Peltzer

best hearthstone players

Image Credit: Blizzard

BunnyHoppor hopped his way into the history books in 2022, securing the top spot at the Hearthstone World Championship. It netted him a massive $100,000, catapulting him up the list of the highest-earning esports players in history. As a hugely decorated competitor, BunnyHoppor has been attending Hearthstone tournaments since 2016, and in 2018, he won his first event – the HCT Summer Championship – which scored him a considerable prize worth $50,000.

Earlier in his career, BunnyHoppor fell just short of winning an early Grandmaster title, ending up in third place at the 2019 Hearthstone World Championship and securing a $100,000 prize.

As a true-to-life Grandmaster of Hearthstone, BunnyHoppor flies the Team Liquid banner, representing one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. There’s no doubt he’s one of the (if not the) best Hearthstone players of all time. With over half a million dollars in winnings, he’s also the top-earning Hearthstone player in history.

In 2023’s major events, Bunnyhopper wasn’t present. The top player has retired. He might not be an active player anymore. He holds a legacy of being one of the best Hearthstone players though.

2. Tom “PocketTrain” Swinton

Hearthstone Best Players - PocketTrain

Source: @HSesports

While a few major players have stepped away, new names have filled that void. PocketTrain is a perfect example of one of these players. He’s the breakout star of the last season of competitive Hearthstone. Looking at the best Hearthstone players, he might be the top performer right now.

Most recently, PocketTrain has won the Hearthstone World Championship 2023. That definitely puts him at the top of the pile for the newly concluded season. Just like past winners, he takes home the $100,000 prize. Which when taken with his other major wins over the years means he’s likely on the list of the top-earning Hearthstone players, not just the best. 

3. Wataru ‘posesi’ Ishibashi

Wataru ‘posesi’ Ishibashi is a legendary competitor and one of the highest-earning Hearthstone players. He’s not as long in the tooth as BunnyHoppor, having only been competing since 2018, but he’s just as highly accomplished. In 2021, he snatched the top spot at the 2021 Hearthstone World Championship, netting a $200,000 prize and beating some of the best Hearthstone players in history to pole position.

By 2023, posesi had secured more than $360,000 in earnings, proving himself to be a wealthy competitor. He’s extremely talented and is one of the greatest players from the APAC region, without a doubt.

He won in 2021. Only came in 5-8th in 2022, but still performs solidly. He’s not currently signed with a team though, and hasn’t competed in a while. He might be retired, or just resting up for a big return.

4. Cjkaka

Cjkaka is another of a new batch of best Hearthstone players, dominating the game in the last year. He came in 2nd at the 2023 World Championship. While the last year of Hearthstone esports has contracted quite a bit, these placements definitely still put him on the top of the player base.

He’s won around $65,193 in all. But with his recent results at the Hearthstone World Championship, he’s definitely still a stand-out player. Hopefully, he can follow up on this 2nd place recent finish to become the very best next time around.

5. Sato ‘Glory’ Kenta

Glory had the opportunity to raise the trophy as Grandmaster in 2020, at the Hearthstone World Championship. It was a victory that secured him the $200,000 prize, and one year later, he almost repeated his performance. Unfortunately, Glory was beaten to the post by posesi, and he missed out on back-to-back wins, but the second-place finish still secured him a $100,000 prize.

Today, Glory is counted as one of the highest-earning esports competitors in history, sitting on a record of $421,946 – and counting. At the 2022 Hearthstone World Championship, Glory ended up securing a 10th-place finish. Glory hasn’t competed in a while now, but his past performances put him up there as one of the best Hearthstone players.

6. Casper ‘Hunterace’ Notto


Image Credit: Red Bull

Casper Notto is a world championship-grade Hearthstone player, despite effectively being retired. He hasn’t competed in a Hearthstone tournament since 2019, and his last big win was in the same year when he snatched the top prize at the 2019 Hearthstone World Championship. Today, he’s signed with a small Norwegian organization known as Nordavind, and while he hasn’t ever represented a top-flight org, he has always been a popular and talented player.

These days, Hunterace can be found streaming Hearthstone on Twitch to a sizeable audience, having worked hard to amass a following of more than 32,000 viewers on the platform. He may have retired from competing officially, but he still likes to pick up wagers and ad-hoc challenges. He’s made the transition to other areas of gaming quite successfully from esports.

7. Chen ‘tom60229’ Wei Lin

Wei Lin is one of the few – an honest-to-God world championship competitor with a huge bank balance. He has made more than $460,000 through his Hearthstone talents, and in 2017, he cemented his legacy by becoming one of the earliest world champions. He netted a prize worth $250,000, which was so large because it was one of the most valuable Hearthstone tournaments ever, boasting a total prize pool worth $1,000,000.

Almost every player that tom60229 beat to the punch has now retired – like Wei Lin himself. It was in 2021 that he last secured a prize at a tournament, and today, he prefers to stream and create content for his following of more than 130,000 viewers.

8. Pavel ‘Pavel’ Beltiukov

Beltiukov is one of the best Hearthstone players in the history books, and that’s why, in 2016, he netted a massive prize as he lifted the trophy at the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship. He was representing Millenium, and he beat some of the world’s greatest players – at the time – proving his skill in Anaheim to get the lion’s share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. He peaked in 2016 and saw a slow decline over time, and he was last seen on the scene in 2020.

Despite almost disappearing as a competitor, Pavel has left a lasting impact on the Hearthstone ecosystem. A lot of the best Hearthstone players might not still play. Not much of a surprise considering how often players ask is Hearthstone dead. But their achievements are worth recognizing in the game’s history.

9. James ‘Firebat’ Kostesich

firebat best hearthstone players

Image Credit: PC Gamer

Firebat was the first-ever Hearthstone world champion, lifting his trophy in 2014 and walking away with $100,000 in prize money. He defeated fifteen other players to become the world’s first Grandmaster in Hearthstone, setting in place a legacy that would never be forgotten. Coincidentally, his tournament was attended by none other than tom60229, who would go on to become a Grandmaster himself in 2017.

By today, Firebat has made almost $275,000 through esports tournaments, the bulk of which was earned during his time in the Hearthstone esports scene.

10. Jack ‘DeadDraw’ Bancroft

Jack Bancroft is a legendary competitor from the United Kingdom, flying the Team Liquid banner and winning big in Hearthstone esports. He was the runner-up in the 2022 Hearthstone World Championship. Falling just short of beating BunnyHoppor in the grand final but still managing to net a prize worth $70,000. It was the biggest win of DeadDraw’s career, and it’s impressive considering he’s almost come out of nowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Hearthstone player of all time?

We believe that the best Hearthstone player of all time is BunnyHoppor, as his accolades speak for themselves. 

Who has the most earnings in Hearthstone?

Coincidentally, the highest-earning Hearthstone player is also BunnyHoppor, a fact that has come about following years of active competition.

How many Hearthstone players are there?

In November, it was suggested that there is anything from 130,000 to 280,000 active users on the Hearthstone platform at any given time. Official numbers aren’t available though.

The upcoming season will be highly competitive, even with Blizzard cutting back on Hearthstone esports in recent years. Keep track of these players and how they utilize the best Hearthstone decks to clean matches with ease. We will update this list as the season 2024 Hearthstone season evolves.

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