Team Vitality vs Team BDS 2024 LEC Spring Playoffs Recap

Team Vitality vs Team BDS 2024 LEC Spring Playoffs Recap


Team Vitality vs Team BDS decided the first participant of the Upper Bracket Finals, the first Bo5 of the LEC Spring Playoffs.

The 2024 Spring LEC marches onward! The first round finished on March 31st with SK Gaming, GIANTX, MAD Lions KOI and Team Heretics falling to the brink of elimination. However, the 4 winners are still going strong, with 2 of them getting even closer to the Grand Finals.

Team Vitality and Team BDS started the 3rd day of the Playoffs, but only one of them could join the Upper Bracket Finals. Team Vitality was the only team that needed the full 3 matches of the Bo3 to defeat SK Gaming, while BDS breezed through Team Heretics, even though Flakked and co. finished ahead of them in the Regular Season, so this match was exciting even before it started.

Team Vitality vs Team BDS 2024 LEC Spring Playoffs Recap

Game 1

Team Vitality vs Team BDS

A quick Braum pick from Vitality was aimed at shutting down Ice’s Xayah, with a Twisted Fate sowing confusion with his flexibility in the first round of picks. Ezreal was locked in however against the Vi, so Photon piloted the card shuffler. With a traditional draft from BDS, they looked to play to their strengths while trying to shut down advances from Vitality.

First Blood went to Team Vitality alongside a bonus kill to the botlane with the help of Daglas, so the French squad got off to a good start. While Team BDS tried to find picks, Vitality continued the aggression and got a few thousand gold lead. The early game ended with a failed dive by nuc and Adam and more of a tempo advantage for VIT.

After a fight around the second Drake of the match, Team BDS found their first major victory, but couldn’t secure the dragon. While BDS tried to roll the snowball, a good Baron call put Vitality in an advantageous position, where they managed to get both the objective and some kills. Soon after, Vitality got the midlane Inhibitor and got to Dragon Soul Point as well.

Vitality looked to end the game before the 27th minute, and managed to trade the toplane Inhibitor and a Nexus Turret for Daglas. BDS couldn’t contest the second Baron of the game, which gave enough pushing power for Vitality to end. BDS had a lot to think about, as they seemed powerless to stop VIT.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Team Vitality 1 – 0 Team BDS
Game Time: 30:57
Gold: 62.4k – 52.9k
Kills: 15 – 7
Turrets: 11 – 4
Dragons: 4 – 0
Barons: 2 – 0

Game 2

Team Vitality vs Team BDS

Game 2 saw the teams switching sides and BDS banning Twisted Fate which was a problem for them in the first match. Vitality managed to get 2 flex picks in the form of Kai’Sa and Jayce which could both go to Vetheo. In the end, the French midlaner got Tristana, while Kai’Sa went to Carzzy. Overall, Team Vitality’s draft looked a lot better again.

Vitality scored First Blood again on midlane after Daglas and Vetheo blew nuc up. BDS tried to answer, but Photon’s Jayce was unkillable and killed Adam 1v2. The landslide continued on midlane, and Vitality got 3 quick kills and a 1.5k gold lead by minute 5. While BDS got some kills in the early game, Vitality were the victors again.

The midgame started with an overstay by Vetheo on botlane, which gave a bit of hope to the fans (and players) of the Swiss squad. This time around though, BDS could stop the Drake stacking of Vitality after getting a catch on Daglas just before the third Dragon of the match. Carzzy and co. tried to get a cheeky 20-minute Baron again, but BDS was more aware this time, and won the fight in the pit. Team Vitality were getting caught left and right, and around the second Baron Nashor, their whole game collapsed. Ice scored a Pentakill with his Zeri, which meant that the way was clear for BDS to tie the series.

Quick Stats:

Teams: Team Vitality 1 – 1 Team BDS
Game Time:

Game 3


Game 3 saw BDS forgo the Vi which basically won them the last match, but Sheo picked up the Maokai in her stead. Vitality got Xayah for Cazzy, who tried to break another record. Hwei also made an appearance for nuc, so both teams got some weapons at their disposal.


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